Mytour opened an offline office

Destination Editor
12:12:47 - April 16, 2021

As an OTA that has been operating on a technology platform for the past 10 years, Mytour suddenly opened a brand new office on Xa Dan street in Hanoi.

Mytour is one of the leading online travel agents (OTA) in Vietnam with a network of partners stretching both domestically and internationally.

While the entire tourism and travel industry is shifting towards digital transformation, Mytour did the exact opposite as it has just opened its first office in Hanoi capital, particularly in the hustle and bustle of Xa Dan, despite having been working for 10 years as an online travel agent.

Up to now, Mytour has built a strong online platform as well as survived the pandemic. The company is also competing in the race of recovery with updated interfaces, newly developed user-friendly features, and shifted focus on exploiting flexible booking or cancellation features and attractive offers.

Along with that, Mytour still decided to “go offline”, opening an office besides maintaining its original technology-based platform with the aim of gaining a competitive advantage over other OTAs as it can be a real-life travel consultant for customers in need. The Mytour first office are highlighted with pink instead of using blue, which matches its brand name’s logo.

According to research by McKinsey & Company, one of the key matters that every business needs to quickly grasp in the post-Covid recovery race is to focus on customer services, prioritizing to address their concerns and support those in need instead of just to market and sell the products.

Changing business models from online to offline is not unprecedented in the world, but this is not the mainstream. However, Mytour is not completely switching to become the the traditional offline travel agent but it is going to maintain both in order to easy to serve any type of customers accordingly to the each of their needs.


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    Mytour opened an offline office


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