Mask-wearing rules are now being dropped in UK’s international airport

Thế Anh
01:30:33 - March 18, 2022

Starting from March 16, mask-wearing rules will no longer be applied to passengers and crews on London’s Heathrow airport and two other major airlines – British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. 

According to a press release by Heathrow Airport published on March 14, This decision was made based on the many improvements on preventative measures and vaccination programs worldwide. Moreover, it also reflects the current “living with COVID-19” mentality that many societies have now adopted and are moving forward with. 

Of course, the airport will still recommend travelers to pack a mask, especially during close contact with others or flying to places that enforce mask-wearing, but overall, this rule will no longer be applied in the UK. If a passenger isn’t comfortable, they can request nearby crew members to put on a face covering if needed.

Image from Chris J. Ratcliffe

Corneel Koster – Virgin Atlantic’s Chief Customer and Operating Officer, is confident that passengers should have the freedom to choose whether to wear a mask on flights that do not enforce this rule. “Masks will still be required on many of our routes, including flights operating to or from the United States until April 18 at the earliest.”

Currently, the number of new COVID-19 cases in the UK has surged again – a whopping 47% increase just for today. As such, the decision to make mask-wearing optional has become a controversial subject among the public. 

Mask-wearing rules are now being dropped in UK’s international airport


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