Maldives will apply departure tax from early next year

Destination Editor
05:27:16 - July 23, 2021

Travelers departing from the Maldives will have to pay a departure tax, which is expected to debut from January next year.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has approved an amendment to the country’s Airport Taxes and Fees Act, which imposes a departure tax on travelers traveling from the Maldives by air.

The country will phase out the 25 USD Airport Service Fee at the end of the year to replace it with this new tax.

Under the new Act, Maldivian residents and citizens will pay 12 USD, however, foreign travelers will have to pay 30 USD if traveling in the same class of flight seat.

However, whether they are Maldivian citizens or foreign travelers, if they depart from the Maldives and take a business class seat, they will have to pay 60 USD. It will take them 90 USD for first-class or 120 USD for a private jet.

In addition, travelers leaving the Maldives departing from Velanda International Airport must pay an Airport Development Fee of 25  USD.

Maldives will apply departure tax from early next year


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