Ly Son will attach QR codes to some tourist attractions

Destination Editor
05:50:33 - January 10, 2021

To promote digitalization in tourism and bring new experiences to tourists, the Ly Son island district will integrate 28 QR codes at famous tourist attractions.

The Management Board of Ly Son – Sa Huynh Geological Park and Ly Son District will attach 28 QR codes at tourist attractions on the island and expect to complete them before the 2021 Lunar New Year to serve domestic and international tourists.

Information attached to QR codes is about cultural and historical sites, scenic spots, tourist attractions, specialties, onion farming, and Global Geoparks. The content is in English – Vietnamese with voice overs.

28 destinations tagged with QR codes include the gallery for Hoang Sa Bac Hai Fleet, Xo La Well, Co Cave, An Hai village communal house, Cemetery of coral fossil mill, Ly Son house, Cau Cave, Thoi Loi Volcano, Temple of Thien Y A Na, Hang Pagoda, Hon Soi Volcano, To Vo Gate, Gieng Tien Volcano, An Vinh beach rock, Shipwreck area; Ly Son garlic cultivation area; An Vinh village communal house, Tomb of Tan; Tomb of Ong Vinh An, Ly Son garlic and onion plantation, Hon Dun Volcano, Mom Tau, ancient coastline, Bai Hang, seawater desalination facility, and An Binh beach.


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    Ly Son will attach QR codes to some tourist attractions


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