Love Home Swab with its “Dream Tourism” service

Destination Editor
11:27:20 - November 06, 2020

To overcome the challenges leisure travel has to face due to Covid-19, London-based travel agency Love Home Swap has partnered up with lucid dreaming expert Charlie Morley to launch a new service called “Dream Tourism”.

The company offers customers, who want to travel, a free “dream passport”, which is available on the company website for free. This passport contains tips to guide travelers to dream about their future vacation, and how to actually take the vacation during their sleep.

Some of the techniques included in the “Dream Passport” include studying the place you want to visit before going to sleep, writing out the details of your dream vacation, drawing pictures of yourself at your destination and “creating short affirmations” about wanting to dream about your trip, according to the announcement.

The guide uses “scientifically proven techniques” including dream incubation and lucid dreaming when someone is aware of themselves during a dream, the announcement said.

Dream incubation is a thought control skill that is intended to remind yourself to dream of a specific topic. To do this, you need to focus your attention on a problem before you go to bed. Dream specialist Morley says cherishing a dream is real. It has been studied by sleep researchers since the 1970s and is surprisingly easy to implement. It combines visualization, affirmations and pre-sleep hypnotic suggestion to help most people influence the content of their dreams within a few nights of practice and essentially choose what to dream accordingly to their wishes.

In a study at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Deirdre Barrett asked students to focus on a problem, such as unsolved homework, for a week before going to bed and found out that two-thirds of the participants had dreams of solving the problem they had chosen and a third had found a solution in their dreams.

A lucid dream is a dream you can control as you like while you are sleeping. Different from ordinary dreams, you can remember almost everything that happened in this lucid dream. You also experience a surreal world with all the feeling of reality. You can do everything you could or could not, when you woke up, become a superman, fly, swim, be able to disappear in danger or date someone you love. The reason is that in these dreams, everything will happen according to your wishes.

According to Healthline, it is estimated that 55 percent of people have had at least one lucid dream in their life.

“Dream home-swapping holidays are 100 percent coronavirus proof, quarantine exempt, the perfect way to get hyped about an actual home-swapping holiday and are absolutely free,” Celia Pronto, Love Home Swap’s managing director said.


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    Love Home Swab with its “Dream Tourism” service


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