Since its establishment in 2007 up to now, Sun Group has built many record works in Vietnam and won many international awards, contributing to creating a new look for destinations and elevating the Vietnam tourism sector. By collaborating with reputable partners, Sun Group has also brought the world’s leading brands to Vietnam while making Vietnam more prominent in the international tourism market.

Destination Review had the opportunity to talk with Ms. Bui Thi Thanh Huong, Vice Chairwoman of the BOD, CEO of Sun Group about the successes of Sun Group in “bringing the world to Vietnam” and “bringing Vietnam to the world.”

Our country has an extremely rich and attractive natural resource. Destinations such as Da Nang, Lao Cai, Quang Ninh, Phu Quoc, Tay Ninh have a lot of potential for tourism, but in reality we are too short of great recreational complexes and luxury resorts with international standards to attract domestic and inbound tourists to visit destinations, stay longer, spend more, as well as contribute to the development of localities. That is also the reason why Vietnamese tourists go abroad and spend on recreational complexes such as Disneyland Hong Kong, Disneyland Tokyo (Japan), Resort World Genting (Malaysia).

With the desire to help Vietnamese to explore and experience world-class resorts and recreational complexes in their own country, and to elevate the status of the nation and its people in the world, Sun Group has chosen to invest in the construction projects of many resorts, amusement parks, real estate and other infrastructure projects with huge investment capital in these destinations.

Tay Ninh is a very special destination. Tay Ninh is located only 100km from Ho Chi Minh City with convenient traffic, pristine nature, long borders, abundance of landscapes, historical sites and cuisine, etc. This is a unique destination on the journey to explore the Southeast region. However, in recent years, Tay Ninh tourism has not leveraged its potential and not many people know about it. In recent years, the number of tourists visiting Tay Ninh is about 2.6 million arrivals/ year, but overnight guests only account for about 30%. Tourism in this destination is still seasonal, mostly on festivals with a majority of domestic tourists.

To polish the destination image of Tay Ninh, Sun Group built and officially opened Sun World BaDen Mountain in Ba Den Mountain on the first phase: the cable car system with the station recorded “The largest cable car station in the world” in January 2020, opening a new journey of exploring, helping tourists easily to admire Ba Den pagoda and conquer the top of Ba Den mountain, giving a boost to tourism in Nui Ba in particular and in Tay Ninh in general.

In addition, along with continually renewing the landscape, Sun Group has put into operation new works, from magnificent spiritual works such as the tallest bronze Buddha statue in Asia located on the top of the mountain, to a large-scale, quality culinary restaurant, as well as sponsoring and co-organizing BaDen Mountain Marathon 2021 – the first large-scale run in Tay Ninh.

We have been and will continue to accompany Tay Ninh province with many attractive and large-scale activities such as Full Moon Cultural Performance, Mid-Autumn Festival, Traditional Spiritual Festival, etc. to create a special picture of Tay Ninh tourism. At the same time, Sun Group continues to improve and expand landscape works such as Royal gardens, theme parks, resorts, golf courses, etc. to create a momentum for Tay Ninh tourism and economy completing its strategic goals, make the province become a new growth of the economic region in Southeast Vietnam, especially in the current difficult time of the tourism sector.

With the desire to turn Vietnam into a giant in tourism and travel industry, the first leaders of the Sun Group left their businesses in Ukraine and returned to Vietnam in 2007 to set up a career, with methodical development strategies and long-term plans to realize that aspiration.

However, creating world-class resorts and recreational facilities is not easy. From the very beginning, Sun Group chose to follow the philosophy of “standing on the shoulders of giants”, which meant to cooperate with famous and leading partners in the world to bring the best technology, best world-class design, best quality service to Vietnam to create such remarkable landmarks. Although, it is not easy to bring the “giants” to Vietnam.

The names mentioned above along with many other names such as Bill Bensley – “architectural witch”, top 5 architects in the world; Luke Donald – the world No. 1 golfer, Pierre Gagnaire – one of the 10 best chefs in the world or WATG, SALA Design Group, Doppelmayr- Garaventa,…. are the world’s elite in many fields from architecture, golf, culinary to construction, hotel operation and cable car technology. They have been with us for 14 years, enduringly and effortfully, to make works, tourism products, real estate, infrastructure, which is not only high quality and classy, but also greatly contributing to making a difference to Vietnam tourism.

Over the past decade, Sun Group’s world-cultural works throughout Vietnam have not only brought tourists many interesting experiences that they could only go abroad to experience before. but also contributed to changing the appearance and elevating the status of many destinations across Vietnam.

In the context of the temporary closure of international flights, this approach has created a new travel trend, somewhat quenching the thirst for international travel of Vietnamese tourists. We are happy to meet the mental needs and joy of Vietnamese as well as international tourists in Vietnam with our unique, good-quality and classy products and works, especially at this time.

We are constantly expanding and improving the quality and scale of tourism works and products across the country, joining hands with localities to elevate destinations, turning risks into opportunities to overcome Covid- 19 and making Vietnam not only be a safe tourist destination, but also constantly level up in the international market.

We built the Golden Bridge in partnership with TA Landscape Architecture with the initial purpose to create a walk in the halfway of the mountain, connecting from Marseille station to Thien Thai garden, to bring tourists visiting Sun World Ba Na Hills the new experiences of immersing in the wind, dew, majestic mountains and nature, thereby creating a new tourism product for them. But amazingly, the Golden Bridge has transcended an ordinary structure to become a new tourism symbol of Da Nang, even Vietnam.

For the first time, international tourists choose to come to Da Nang, Vietnam not only because of the beauty of the planet’s most beautiful beach or magnificent caves dating back millions of years, but also because this country has wonderful rare works in the world. The number of international arrivals to Da Nang since the launch of Golden Bridge has risen to an unprecedented level. Just 3 months after the launch, Da Nang had four new international air routes. In particular, the route from Thailand to Da Nang has reached 56 flights/ week. According to statistics in July 2018, for every 3 international tourists booking tours to Da Nang, up to 2 tourists request to check-in the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills. In general, the Golden Bridge has become a hotspot to attract international tourists, bringing the image of Vietnam closer to the international tourists, and significantly contributing to realizing the dream of bringing Vietnam tourism to the international market.

Not only the Golden Bridge, in other destinations, along with the investment to create an ecosystem of tourism, resort, entertainment, real estate, infrastructure, increasing values and attractiveness for the destination, for communities and investors, Sun Group has and will create “symbolic works” that have a great and positive influence on the status and attraction of the destinations.

Those are Sun Premier Village Primavera – a new Mediterranean town symbolizing the prosperity of Pearl Island in the South of Phu Quoc. That is “Dance on the clouds” – “Art performance showing the most unique Northwest cultural characteristics of Vietnam” in Sun World Fansipan Legend – The world’s leading cultural tourist destination, or recently the theater Opera Isola de la Musica in Hanoi, Kiss Bridge in Phu Quoc,… All of them contribute to the collection of prestigious awards for Vietnam and create new magnets that constantly attract tourists for the country, contributing to developing Vietnam into a leading destination in the world in the future.

Better, bigger and more classy works will be built by Sun Group, and world-class tourism products will continue to be invested in and brought to Vietnam. We will always persistently pursue our aspirations to turn Vietnam into a powerful country in tourism.

We always try to pursue our desire of accompanying any local authority and community that we invest in to quickly build strong and sustainable leverage for destinations to improve local people’s living standards and thereby, to present an attractive, beautiful and wealthy Vietnam like all other global destinations.

Thank you very much for your sharings today!

Sun Group – Journey to elevate Vietnam tourism in the international market


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