Jet2holidays launched campaign to support independent travel agents

Destination Editor
11:30:34 - April 08, 2021

Realizing the huge influence of social media in attracting new customers, capturing travelers’ sentiment and developing brand, the tour operator Jet2holidays is using this powerful tool to help independent travel agents boosting sales and development.

As the UK government is eyeing enthusiastically on reopening international travel and the pent-up travel demand of British holidaymakers is about to burst, Jet2holidays took advantage of an effective tool, social media, to engage customers and sell package tours to drive business growth.

Jet2holidays is a British package holiday provider and tour operator, specializing in organizing tours to the Mediterranean and Canary Islands with 14 years of experience in the tourism industry. This tour operator is currently supporting independent travel agents with its #BoostMySocial campaign to help them increase engagement with travelers online.

The #BoostMySocial campaign is designed to help agents engage with customers, grow brand awareness, and showcase their offerings on social media to ultimately boost sales and grow their businesses.

As a part of the #BoostMySocial campaign, the Jet2holodays trade team also hosts virtual sessions with agents to run through a bespoke pack called #BoostMySocial, which includes detailed advice and guidance on how agency partners can boost their social media to reach more customers. The campaign covers topics including setting goals, customer insight, content creation, scheduling, brand partnerships and platform management, as well as many more top tips.

This campaign is the continuation of the successful joint events that Jet2holidays has organized with travel agents on social media such as Celebrity Come Book with Me and the Virtual Partners2Success program, which also brings benefits for independent travel agents.

Alan Cross, head of trade at Jet2holidays, said: “With so much demand out there, the opportunity for independent travel agents to boost sales through social media is huge. We’re always thinking about the best ways to help agents and we think this latest campaign will be a huge success. […] This is another example of our unique and successful Partners2Success strategy in action – agents have told us they see an opportunity through social media, and we are here to help them boost their online presence.”


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    Jet2holidays launched campaign to support independent travel agents


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