Japanese station installs unique Piano stairs

Thế Anh
03:00:36 - August 04, 2022

West Japan Railway Company recently installed a unique piano staircase at Nishitetsu Station in Fukuoka City to attract tourists and encourage people to exercise and improve public health.

The stairs are painted like piano keys and installed with infrared sensors, which activate the stair’s sound system when someone steps on the stairs. Currently, this project is only temporary and will be in use from July 29 to September 11.

The city government hopes that this unique project will encourage people to be physically active and use the stairs more, and at the same time attract more tourists to the city. Currently, an estimated 100,000 passengers use Nishitetsu Station every day in 2021.

Previously, Volkswagen had installed a similar system at Odenplan station in Stockholm, Sweden in 2009, increasing the number of passengers by about 66%.

Japanese station installs unique Piano stairs


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