Japan and Singapore to open ‘green lane’ for business travel

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09:58:09 - September 15, 2020

Singapore and Japan have come to an agreement to launch a “green lane” for essential business and official travel for residents from both countries from September 18.

In a joint statement, the foreign affairs ministries of both countries said that the Business Track arrangement will help restore connectivity and support economic recovery for Japan and Singapore.

Singapore has similar arrangements with other countries, but this is the first such framework that Japan will implement with another country.

The Business Track will allow the safe resumption of cross-border travel and business exchanges with the necessary public health safeguards in place, the countries said. These safeguards include pre-departure and post-arrival testing, as well as the need to adhere to a controlled itinerary for the first 14 days in the receiving country.

Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a separate statement that during the 14-day stay-home period, limited business activities will be allowed. This partially relaxes restrictions on such activities.

However, travelers must accept extra quarantine measures, like submitting a schedule of their activities in Japan. The ministry added that the Business Track is mainly for short-term business travelers.

Operational details, including the requirements, health protocols and application process, will be published on the website of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Singapore’s SafeTravel website by September 18.

On the Business Track with Singapore, Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Toshimitsu Motegi said in a media conference that “we will later broaden it to other countries, we hope it can be a good model”.

Singapore currently permits visitors from five countries, with a varied number of restrictions in place.

On June 3, Singapore and China announced details of a “fast lane” or “green lane” agreement for travelers from both sides to fly into each other’s countries without serving a quarantine period of up to 14 days.

Singapore then reopened its borders with Malaysia under two schemes – the Reciprocal Green Lane and the Periodic Commuting Arrangement – on August 17.

General travelers from New Zealand and Brunei started arriving in Singapore from Tuesday, while a Reciprocal Green Lane with the latter was announced on September 1.

On September 2, a “fast lane” for essential business and official travel between Singapore and South Korea was announced.

The Singapore Consulate-General in Hong Kong said on Thursday that it welcomes talks with Hong Kong on the gradual resumption of cross-border travel between the two sides.


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Japan and Singapore to open ‘green lane’ for business travel


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