International coordination could see tourism recover by 2022, WTTC argues

Destination Editor
04:00:13 - October 28, 2020

Gloria Guevara has said global tourism can recover from the Covid-19 pandemic by early 2022. However, the timeframe will require a great deal more cooperation between governments.

Gloria Guevara, World Travel & Tourism Council chief executive, was speaking at the Future Hospitality Summit, a hybrid virtual conference developed to explore big ideas and tackle the challenges facing the hospitality industry. The event is one of the most impactful gatherings of the hospitality community.

Guevara said: “We can recover in 18 months – but it depends on coordination at an international level. Some countries did a good job containing this pandemic, but they do not have a plan to reopen. You cannot work in silos; travel depends on a lot of partners working together.”

She added: “It is our role to facilitate these relationships and to help countries to work together to reopen.”

Guevara pointed to the possibility of opening airline routes between London and Dubai or London and New York to evaluate testing procedures designed to remove quarantine.

If the world fails to act to reopen tourism, as many as 100 million jobs could be lost, the WTTC has argued.

Guevara added a vaccine would play a vital role in the reopening of the sector: “We believe there is going to be a vaccine before the end of the year – the challenge is going to be the distribution of the vaccine. Again, we will need the coordination in order to make sure everybody who needs it, gets it.”


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International coordination could see tourism recover by 2022, WTTC argues


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