Inside the $350 million “palace on rails” concept

Destination Editor
09:30:33 - July 16, 2021

The luxury train concept with a beautiful name “palace on rails” is expected to give customers many unique and extremely interesting experiences.

French designer Thierry Gaugain is going to take the rail travel experience to a completely new level. Being called “palace on rails”, the 400-meter long G Train consists of 14 cars, is made of glass so technologically advanced that it can switch into an opaque or transparent state. Just with the flick of a switch, the exterior and interior surfaces of the train in any section will change, up to customers’ hobbies and moods.

As Thierry Gaugain’s description, this is a private luxury train, not a public train and used for one and only one lucky, wealthy and rich person.

“The owner we envision is someone who is aware of the uniqueness of this train and understands that we are not just talking about transportation. It’s about travel, not how fast you get from point A to point B,” Thierry Gaugain claimed. He also revealed that he thought of Laurene Powell Jobs – the wife of late billionaire Steve Jobs while figuring G Train. Before, he used to co-operate to design the 80-meter Venus superyacht for Steve Jobs.

Now, he has not found a customer yet and thought he needed “someone as crazy” as him to pay for this mighty expensive “toy”. The cost of the G Train is estimated at about $350 million and it will take at least 2 and a half years to finish.

More about G Train, it can carry 18 overnight guests, reach the speed of 160 km per hour and will be adapted to run across the Americas and Europe. It even can be split into two in case passengers onboard want to go off in different directions. The interior decoration, similar to other luxury trains, includes owner’s accommodation, entertainment space, common area, space for special guests,…

To make this idea come true, Thierry Gaugain reached out to many experts, manufacturers, companies in railway, engineering sectors from many countries around the world.

The talented designer predicted that trains would become more popular in the next few years and would be the future’s vehicle with the marriage of luxury and modern technology.

Inside the $350 million “palace on rails” concept


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