Hue listed as the budget-friendly destinations for Australians

03:00:53 - August 13, 2022

Recently, The News Daily (Australia) has listed Vinh (the city in Nghe An) and Hue among the cheapest travel destinations for Australian tourists amid rising living and airfare costs.

The News Daily wrote: “Australians are travel-hungry after two years of lockdowns, but the rising cost of living and airfares could put globetrotting dreams on hold”.

Currently, the Australian dollar is much higher than the Vietnamese dong (1 Australian dollar is worth about 16,200 VND). Therefore, Australian tourists can completely travel comfortably in Vietnam. Besides, flights from Melbourne (Australia) to Vinh and Hue all cost less than US$520.

Besides Vinh and Hue in Vietnam, The News Daily also lists a number of other cheap travel destinations for Australians including: George Town, Kuching and Langkawi (Malaysia), Van and Gazipasa (Turkey).

Currently, Vietnam tourism has reopened. Since March 15, Vietnam has lifted most of its restrictions on entry for international visitors.

Hue listed as the budget-friendly destinations for Australians


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