Hue develops Hue Blue Map – a map for safe travel

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10:51:11 - October 15, 2020

Hue Blue Map is built with the purpose of helping visitors find attractive and safe tourist attractions, accommodations and services easily.

The Tourism Department of Hue is developing a safe map for tourists in Hue called Hue Blue Map. The map has the function of accumulating and showing a list of attractions, accommodation establishments and tourist services that ensure safety procedures. This helps both locals and visitors to Hue recognize and choose safe and attractive services for their journey.

The map will be uploaded on Hue tourism portal and on the Hue-S mobile app. It is also sent to travel agencies outside the province and announced in the media to deliver the message from the Tourism Department – Hue is safe now.

For the tourism service providers that wish to be included in Hue Blue Map, they need to ensure the safety criteria against COVID-19 from the province and relevant ministries. The scoring scale for the safety criteria ranges from 50 points to 100 points with 3 levels: Highly Safe (level 1: from 80 to 100 points), Quite Safe (level 2: from 65 to less than 80 points) and Basically Safe (level 3: from 50 to less than 65 points). Those who earn less than 50 points are considered unsafe.

Particularly, the travel agencies have to meet safety standards in procedures to welcome tourists, in working conditions, and in operation. Accommodation establishments have to ensure to manage and serve guests in the safest way; to upgrade employee working conditions and to implement health check procedures. For attractions and tourist service providers, they have to acquire the standard of safety in operation and working conditions and also need to have specific plans to handle unexpected situations.

The businesses can self-assess and send the result to the Tourism Department of Hue. After that, the Tourism Department will organize an appraisal to allow whichever business is eligible and comply with the regulations.

“The province is taking measures to maintain the image of Hue as a safe and attractive tourist destination. The Tourism Department of Hue also encourages businesses to offer preferential prices, launch new products or increase more utilities depending on their own ability. There are 110 businesses in the province, including 3-5 star hotels, high-class homestay, restaurants and some attractions, participating in stimulating travel demand. Especially, the monuments are launching 50% promotion of the entrance fee until the end of the year,” said Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Deputy Director of the Tourism Department of Hue.

In addition, Hue also implemented a number of new activities to stimulate travel demand such as “Hue – the Ao Dai citadel” to encourage both Vietnamese and foreign visitors to wear Vietnamese traditional clothes. The projects are being piloted include encouraging wearing “ao ngu than (a traditional five-part dress)” and Nhat Binh dress (an ancient traditional clothes for royal) while visiting the monument, as well as female visitors wearing ao dai on October 20 (Vietnamese Women’s Day) to be free of charge.

(Picture credit: Hanh Mai – Co Trang Hoang Cung)


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Hue develops Hue Blue Map – a map for safe travel


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