How to hunt for low fares when traveling by plane?

05:00:46 - September 20, 2022

Air travel is increasingly easier and more convenient, while air travel demand is also on the rise continuously. To attract more and more customers, airlines often offer very good deals with limited quantities. Do you clearly know tips to hunt cheap air tickets?

Today, passengers have a wide choice of ticket classes from economy, premium economy to business or first class for their needs and budget, but most people often prefer cheap tickets. For individuals, they can save and spend more on other attractive items. As for businesses, they will save some budget for financial problems. Here are some tips that many people have concluded after times searching for cheap airline tickets.

Use Google’s “Explore” tool

This tool allows you to search a map and put in as little or as much information on a potential trip. You can put in the city or airport’s name, and either specific dates or flexible dates, then move around the map to see prices to popular destinations around the world, zooming in and out of different regions to find the best deal.

According to Richard Holden, Vice President and General Manager of Travel at Google, the best way to find a deal is to be flexible on both the dates and destination. Most people tend to use the tool to find the best price for a specific region. In addition, “Explore” tool also notifies travelers when air ticket costs dip and other helpful information.

For instance, if you want to spend your holiday in Asia, you can use the “Explore” tool to find out which city will be the most cost effective to fly to, and then start to plan for the trip. If you really love travel, any destination has its own attraction, and just explore it as you want!

Plan early

Surely any travel lover knows this. The earlier you book your flight tickets, the more time before your departure date, the more you will save compared to buying tickets close to the departure date. However, travelers must be extremely sure with their plans. For example, if you book a ticket 3 months in advance, in the meantime there will be a lot of unexpected things happening and on the day of departure, you cannot fly, you will have to cancel or reschedule (usually with fee). That’s why you should read the airline’s cancellation and exchange policy before deciding!

Time to buy ticket

In addition to early booking, you should choose flight times early in the morning or late at night (if possible) and avoid travel on weekends when there are many people in order to get a lower price. If booked on peak occasions such as holidays, New Year,… the ticket price is still quite high even if you book early due to the strong increase in tourism demand. Buying tickets from 12 noon-2 pm or 2-3 am will also make it easier to hunt cheap tickets.

Moreover, learn more about the airline’s free ticket policy. Each company will have a different promotional timeline. You should follow their social media and receive their emails to know the offerings quickly. Remember to prepare all the information needed for a ticket such as passenger name, birthday, number of passengers, flight route, departure date, return date,… if booking for a group. Just be quick and a little lucky, you will only spend a small amount of tax, even cheaper than bus or train tickets, for the zero-dollar ticket.

Split the number of people in the group

When purchasing group tickets, travelers should compare the fare for the full group with the price of one or two seats on the same flight. For example, an airline has 4 seats left which cost 99 USD each, 10 seats for 199 USD each,… You put in the number of passengers as 5, the airline’s website will show the prices that offer enough seats to meet that number, i.e. tickets from 199 USD. Thus, you will miss 4 cheaper tickets. So let’s do a small test and comparison first!

Besides, there are some other ways to support you to book tickets more easily, one of them is Google Flights tool. With the latest update, it allows users to track prices to find deals for any dates and they’ll get an email when Google detects lower than typical fares for flights taking off in the next 3-6 months. Another little but important note is to prepare a strong internet connection to avoid slow loading because obviously, you’re not the only one who wants to hunt for cheap tickets.

Airplane is so convenient for traveling abroad, for those who don’t have much time or don’t like/cannot spend a long time to reach a destination. However, if the price is too high, they will hesitate. Understanding that, airlines have increasingly tried to offer great deals for their customers. By utilizing the internet, travelers can easily find favorable tickets to make their ideal trips come true.

How to hunt for low fares when traveling by plane?


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