Hotelbeds collaborates with Choice Hotels

Destination Editor
10:00:20 - August 20, 2020

By joining hands with Choice Hotels, Hotelbeds can now provide access to 60,000 travel buyers globally.

The world’s leading bedbank Hotelbeds has announced on Tuesday a new strategic agreement with Choice Hotels International, one of the world’s largest lodging franchisors and altogether, they can provide access.

As a result of this agreement, Hotelbeds will now be recognized as a preferred wholesaler by Choice Hotels International. This strategic agreement provides Choice Hotels with access to Hotelbeds’ high-value distribution network of more than 60,000 travel distribution clients such as tour operators, retail travel agents, airlines and loyalty programs across more than 140 source markets worldwide.

Hotelbeds’ portfolio of travel buyers will offer Choice Hotels with incremental, high-value bookings from non-domestic markets that typically book further in advance, pay more per room, cancel less and spend more at the property. At the same time, Hotelbeds’ customers will have access to participating in Choice Hotels locations worldwide.

As part of this agreement, Choice Hotels will distribute its hotel rooms through Hotelbeds’ two main channels: its wholesale distribution channel that operates under the ‘Hotelbeds’ brand and its retail channel, Bedsonline, that exclusively caters to retail travel agents.

Mark Redmond, head of global chains at Hotelbeds said: “This will be a strong relationship delivering special rates and availability across the Choice Hotel portfolio to our 60,000 plus travel distribution clients while giving Choice Hotels access to a higher-margin, non-domestic niche segment of the travel market.”


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    Hotelbeds collaborates with Choice Hotels


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