Hanoi launches cultural flower tour

08:00:01 - May 23, 2022

Asia Exotica travel company (Hanoi) has just launched a new service, giving tourists the opportunity to experience the long-standing flower culture of Hanoians.

Accordingly, visitors will learn about the art of flower arrangement of Hanoi people during lunar festivals, Buddhist offerings and ancestor worship.

Specifically, visitors coming to this special tour will have the opportunity to experience the art of flower arrangement, with a combination of many traditional flowers such as jasmine, lotus, lily, areca with other flowers. bamboo or large leaf baskets. After that, visitors will practice offering flowers to the altar to pray. All will be guided live by local artisans.

Bui Bang Giang, Director of Asia Exotica travel company, Vietnam, said: “Through this experiential tour, visitors will be able to better understand the spiritual life of Hanoians in particular and Vietnamese people in general; and get acquainted with the typical fragrances of oriental flowers”.

Hanoi launches cultural flower tour


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