Go skiing in Africa at its only winter resort

Thế Anh
03:00:00 - August 09, 2022

Lesotho, a kingdom located in the middle of South Africa, has a unique climate phenomenon rarely seen in Africa, falling snow, which has allowed Lesotho to develop winter resorts

The reason behind snow in Africa is that Lesotho is located 1,000 meters above sea level, which brings snow during winter in the southern hemisphere. At 3,000 meters, Lesotho’s Afriski resort in the Maluti Mountains is Africa’s only active ski resort, with fun attractions like the Kapoko snow park and restaurants with gorgeous views.

In Lesotho, snow mainly falls between May and September, with temperatures around -6 degrees Celsius. The Afriski resort annually attracts nearly 1 million visitors, primarily domestic tourists. However, the recent COVID-19 situation has caused many difficulties for the resort, The Guardian newspaper reported that local people had been given many incentives to encourage vacationing at the resort to make up for the loss of domestic visitors.

Go skiing in Africa at its only winter resort


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