Global travelers are ready to travel again in 2021

Linh Ngan
04:45:11 - May 25, 2021

Since the invention of Covid-19 vaccines, many countries have been implementing vaccination programs for their people, which makes the recovery road of tourism and travel also become auspicious.

Tourism organizations mostly agree that vaccines play a vital role in the resumption of international travel. After more and more vaccines were invented and produced with mass numbers, many countries and destinations have begun to implement their own vaccination programs to curb the spreading, prevent any further casualties, and aim to open their borders to international travelers. conducted an online survey at the beginning of 2021, collecting the answers from more than 28,000 respondents from 28 countries around the world, who intend to travel within the next 12 months. The results published by in April 2021 show that a surprisingly large number of travelers are looking forward to traveling again this year.

64% of global travelers state that travel has become more important to them than before

The year 2020, which witnessed a great deal of bent-up travel demand due to Covid-19, makes travel a priority for travelers in 2021. Out of more than 28,000 responses in the survey, 64% of travelers answered that to them, travel has become much more important than it was before Covid-19. Even up to 71% of respondents confirmed that they would rather go on a vacation in 2021 than find their significant other. In addition, up to 66% of global respondents state that they prefer going on a vacation to being promoted at work.

In addition, up to 53% of travelers said they have planned for their future travel by using their newly increased time at home even in such unpredictable times as the pandemic is still raging on a global scale. Thus, once borders are reopened and travel restrictions are eased in more countries, the tourism industry is more likely to recover at a speedy pace thanks to these bent-up needs.

Most tourists are looking for leisure trip with privacy

If allowed to travel again this year, 61% of travelers in the global survey said they would choose to go to the beach and 31% would choose less crowded destinations. Most of them no longer put “staycation” as their top priority by the time travel has resumed without any restrictions. As a result, only 5% of them prioritize city breaks to be the first choice of their future trip.

When asked about activity options during their trip, spa was the most chosen activity by travelers at the percentage of 23%. On the other hand, only 6% out of 28,000 respondents said that they would choose active trips that require a lot of physical activities and adventures instead of those with relaxing leisure activities like most other travelers.

Besides, tourists also want their future trips to be more private to ensure their safety and comfort at the finest. Up to 66% of the global travelers said they would prefer going on the trip in small groups from two to six people.

Is international travel possible with vaccines?

The recovery of international travel is clearly dependent a lot on the implementation of vaccination programs globally, as shown by the remarkable impact of vaccines on traveler’s insights. Regarding their confidence in travel intentions, 66% of travelers said they now have a higher expectation to be able to travel this year after the invention of Covid-19 vaccines.

Vaccines not only help travelers all over the world to ensure their own health and safety, but also help the destination gain a better image in the hearts of its potential visitors. More than half (59%) of travelers said they would travel to a foreign country after being fully vaccinated with two jabs of vaccines. Furthermore, 55% of travelers confirm that they are going to select destinations which have implemented vaccination programs to ensure community health only.

However, at the moment, there are many different types of vaccines being applied in many different destinations, travelers cannot help but feel uneasy about this, as 41% of the surveyed travelers admitted that they are still quite concerned about the safety and reliability of these vaccines.

Global travelers are ready to travel again in 2021


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