FTLO Travel and its “study abroad” SOJRN program for Millennials

Destination Editor
11:20:44 - November 29, 2020

Created by FTLO Travel, the SOJRN program is expected to help Millennials who are currently working remotely fulfill their dream of studying abroad while having time to enjoy and explore their desired destination.

FTLO Travel, the travel company founded in 2016 with the target market of millennial travelers, has launched a unique “studying abroad” package called SOJRN, which is specially designed for Millennials who are working remotely at the moment.

SOJRN offers experience packages through the Chapter programs, which are month-long work-abroad vacations with diverse themes and subjects in destinations like Tuscany, Tokyo, Medellin and Costa Rica.

Each Chapter program comprises a group of approximately 40 millennial travelers who will be working and experiencing the local culture and environment together. SOJRN will provide these travelers with accommodation and workspaces to ensure that everyone has access to high-speed WiFi, comfortable living as well as special events and experiences that support the learning process they have registered.

SOJRN has now opened its applications form for all Millenial visitors on its website. In the application form, besides their basic personal information, applicants are required to choose their desired destination, the time of the year when they find suitable for travel and the topic they wish to learn about. Pre-applicants have the opportunity to get a discount of 200 USD for their first trip with the SOJRN program.

“After a difficult year, we are eager to get back to helping people explore the world both through our shorter FTLO trips and our new SOJRN offering. Slow travel and a community-centric approach has always been at the heart of our company. We have taken that same ethos and created a new way for people to explore in a post-Covid world where remote work is widely accepted and people have the ability to spend more time in one place,” said Tara Cappel, CEO of SOJRN and the founder of FTLO Travel.

“Our local partners are equally as excited about SOJRN because these travelers are not just passing through they, however, are joining the community for a month. By the end of each Chapter [program], people will know their local cafe owner by name, be able to walk around the neighborhood without staring at Google maps, have favorite spots where they will be regulars, and will ultimately be someone locals will remember rather than just another passing tourist,” emphasized Cappel.

FTLO Travel and its “study abroad” SOJRN program for Millennials


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