FCM Travel with a new idea to boost oversea travel

Destination Editor
09:55:14 - November 04, 2020

The corporate travel business FCM Travel in Singapore has started marketing its new financial incentive, which covers the quarantine cost of travelers from Singapore to the U.K. and vice versa.

As airlines and airports have been promoting free tests and medical insurance, the corporate travel sector, with one global agency group, FCM Travel, part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, is also promoting a financial incentive: its Singapore office is hoping to generate bookings by offering to cover quarantine costs for returning business travelers. “Fly British Airways Business Class to U.K. and FCM will pay for your quarantine when you return to Singapore,” the corporate travel agency posted on its website.

Apart from stipulating the airline and ticket class, FCM will pay up to 1,500 USD for the accommodation costs incurred by that traveler during their Stay-Home Notice — which is what the government is charging anyway.

The promotion only applies to tickets bought between October 15 and November 30, with travel completed by January 31, 2021. “If we see a strong response to the campaign and it looks like quarantine will still be a requirement from the UK to Singapore for the foreseeable future, we will certainly discuss with British Airways if we can extend this further than November 30,” the spokesperson said.

The idea was sparked by FCM Travel’s local supplier relations team, which was working with British Airways on exploring initiatives for the market. “We have had some positive feedback but it’s still early in the campaign,” said a spokesperson. “We are always looking at unique opportunities to create dynamic product offerings for our FCM customers.”

“It’s a good idea, and something the airlines should start doing themselves,” said one company travel manager. “Airlines such as British Airways already have global relationships with hotel chains through their Avios programs, so I’d like to see them leverage these relationships, to partner directly with the chains and offer this in all markets that require a quarantine upon return.”

This latest campaign is another example of Singapore demonstrating the value it places on corporate travel. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the country has explored ways of circumnavigating numerous pandemic restrictions to restart international flights.

However, with FCM international offices closed, and client and affiliate offices also either closed or not accepting visitors, financial incentives would not seal the deal.


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    FCM Travel with a new idea to boost oversea travel


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