Experience thrilling games, new travel trend in Da Lat

Đặng Mỹ Miều
Content Editor
10:30:11 - December 18, 2022

Many young people come to Da Lat to experience thrilling, unique, and attractive games in the pine forest. Here are some ideas of thrilling games for you to try when traveling to Da Lat.

The longest coaster trail in Southeast Asia – the most unique thrilling game

The longest alpine coaster in Southeast Asia (Waterfall 3 coaster) is an alpine coaster through the pine forest with the length of 2,400m. At Waterfall 3, you can watch the high slopes and glide through the spiral turns at an overwhelming speed. The faster you roll, the more excitement you get. Speed racers definitely can take advantage of this experience.

thrilling games

In addition, Datanla Waterfall has a 1,200m long coaster trail with a scene of green trees and flowers adorning both sides of the trail.

High Rope Course

The High Rope Course, the adventure game area, includes 5 different challenging levels, from easy to difficult, suitable for all ages. You will overcome many challenges such as zipline swing, skyscraper climbing, rope walking, Tarzan jumping, and net ladder climbing.

The adventurous challenges of the High Rope Course make you excited, conquest, and satisfied. Conquering challenges will create more study and work efficiency.

Canyoning – new thrilling game in Datanla Waterfall

With the Canyoning waterfall challenge, you will conquer 7 floors of Datanla waterfall, designed based on waterfall and cliff topography. Unique challenges such as climbing dry cliffs, ziplining over the falls, sliding natural chutes, jumping freely from the top of the 7m high waterfall, and washing machine waterfall arranged from easy to difficult levels.

thrilling games

You are also fully equipped with the proper protection to maintain your safety. During the experience, you will learn the skills of canyoning and trekking through the forest from your coach. The Canyoning experience will definitely give you an unforgettable memory and the feeling of conquering nature.

The longest zipline through the forest in Asia

Zipline skating is considered one of the most rewarding challenges to visiting Da Lat at the end of the year. This challenge also sets the record for the longest zipline through the jungle in Asia.

The zipline at Datanla tower is 1,000m long, 130m above the ground, and has a sliding speed of up to 120km/h that will surely satisfy adventure lovers. This experience promises to take you to many different emotions: from nervousness to euphoria and extreme excitement.

Experience thrilling games, new travel trend in Da Lat


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