Expedia rebrands as travel starts to come back

Destination Editor
05:00:05 - April 22, 2021

Expedia Group has just announced its rebranding to prepare to capture new travel demands.

Expedia Group’s new strategy will focus on the consumer experience throughout the trip, rather than just the volume of bookings for services as before. Thereby, the new brand positioning includes the tagline “It matters who you travel with”, conveying the message that Expedia will become a companion that can support travelers on their trip.

The group plans to launch a global marketing campaign to promote the new brand positioning. According to the group, this will be the most invested marketing campaign in the past five years.

Shiv Singh, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Expedia brand said: “We’re no longer just focused on inspiring travel and helping you find the right hotel, airline or rental car. We’re emphasizing helping and supporting you at every step of the journey. That’s a pretty fundamental shift for Expedia.”

Expedia’s rebranding campaign follows the group’s research on new traveler needs for a travel company. The group has improved many new services to make travel easier and safer.

Singh said: “Consumers are looking for someone they can really trust and depend on. They are looking for a higher order relationship with someone who can guide them at every step.”

“I believe we’re entering an age where powerful brands really matter. People want to align with brands they can trust, that stand for something and have a clear voice.”


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    Expedia rebrands as travel starts to come back


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