Enjoy Thai cuisine at the Midwest Buddhist Meditation Center

Thu Uyên
08:00:19 - May 12, 2022

A taste of Thailand returns to Warren (USA) with the open-air market at the Midwest Buddhist Meditation Center.

Held only twice a month and lasting a few hours on Sundays, this market has become a popular destination for Asian food aficionados for the chance to sample a variety of Thai and Laos street food, that are processed directly by members of the community.

Depending on the month of organization, the market will have small changes, like in the summer or harvest months, vegetable products, all organic, will be more available. But in general, at the open-air market of this Midwest Buddhist Meditation Center, visitors can always find street food, regional specialties in Thailand, Lao cuisine, and spices, heirloom sauces of famous restaurants so that you can prepare them yourself at home,…

One piece of advice for new visitors here is to start by buying a cup of Thai iced tea or coffee for $3, take a look around to see what’s cooking, what looks the best, and then make the decision for themselves.

In addition, here are some things visitors should keep in mind when going to this market. Firstly, you should prepare cash and change, because each dish here only costs a few dollars, so having cash will make the payment the most convenient and fastest. Second, go early, because everyone wants to enjoy the best food and the best quality items, and first comes first serves. The next thing to note is that you should go to this market regularly, because each month, the market will have different products depending on the season. And lastly, it is advisable to go with your family. The center has a small playground for children, a toilet and a space large enough to sit and enjoy pad Thai, papaya salad, steamed banana cake, strawberry milk, etc.

Sunday markets will start at 10 a.m. and run until 1 or 2 p.m., but food may sell out before then. The next working days will be May 22, June 12 and 26, July 17 and 31, August 14 and 28, September 11 and 25, October 9 and 23, and November 6.

Enjoy Thai cuisine at the Midwest Buddhist Meditation Center


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