Enjoy all the complimentary amenities at a hotel

05:00:40 - June 28, 2022

If being at the destination for more than one day when traveling, most tourists will stay at a hotel. And if you are a thrifty person, just keep in mind the free utilities of the hotels!

After the difficulties caused by the epidemic, many people are tending to spend less from daily life to travel. That’s why we will give you a few tips to take advantage of all the completely free facilities at the hotel to save money as well as reduce the weight of your luggage. In addition, hotel managers and staff also want their guests to have a memorable experience, so just make the most of it.

Toiletries and cosmetics

You must know that the hotel bathroom is usually stocked with soap, shampoo, conditioner and other standard products such as toothpaste, toothbrush,… They also have other additional products available upon request, particularly in high-end hotels. This is why you don’t need to pack too many toiletries and can request these for free from the hotel. For example, guests can request a free dental kit, such as floss, mouthwash, and more, or a nail kit with clippers, deodorant, and hypoallergenic skin products. You can ask for additional personal hygiene products from the housekeeping staff.

In most luxury resorts with pools and beach access, people can also benefit from free sunscreen. When visiting a hotel spa, people can ask for free samples of high-end skincare lines that the hotel markets. Moreover, guests can try free sample cosmetics at many retail sections inside hotels.


Another free amenity to benefit from when staying at a hotel is the gym onsite. Most hotel gyms feature exciting classes lineups. During recent years, people are more and more interested in exercise, especially after the pandemic broke out. Understanding that, hotels have quickly invested in the construction and development of their sports centers. Besides, they also recruit yoga, pilates, and other fitness instructors to guide and support their guests. Moreover, many hotel gyms offer free bottled water, fruits, juices,…

Happy Hour

If you want to sip luxurious and delicious drinks on a low budget, pay attention to Happy Hour. This is the time where the hotel’s restaurants and bars offer preferential prices, even completely free of charge to diners. Some high-end hotels treat their guests to free alcoholic beverages at night. For clear and specific information about Happy Hour, ask the hotel staff about the free drinks here! Because each hotel has its own policy and various drinks that they’d like to offer their clients.

For example, guests at the Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants can enjoy a wine tour every evening, and savor free beer and wine drinks. Or The Embassy Suites Hotels offers free alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (with snacks) every night for guests at all their locations.

Means of transport

Another free amenity from when staying at a hotel is to hitch a free ride to the restaurants, museums, or other attractions around the hotel. This service is mainly available in luxury hotels, such as St. Regis in New York, which takes guests on free rides in stylish Bentleys. Some hotels offer free bikes for their guests during their stay to protect the environment as well as exercise.

The tip to get a free ride is as quick as possible because the amenity is usually available on a first-come-first-served basis. Of course, you should still ask the hotel staff about this service in advance!

Electrical equipment and other useful amenities

Some hotels offer guests phone chargers, and other electronics. Guests also can make free long-distance phone calls at some hotels. You can ask the staff or read an in-room guide for more information.

Other free amenities include umbrellas, musical instruments, clothes or 1-2 water bottles in the room. Many hotels also offer free room upgrades, early check-ins, and late check-outs. To make sure all services are free, don’t forget to ask reception staff, concierge, or housekeeping staff or check the official media channels of the hotel.

When booking a room, visitors will often see notes like “breakfast included”, “free high-speed Wi-Fi”,… Other free amenities are rarely listed in full. However, keep in mind that resorts and hotels always want to impress guests with their services and facilities. Therefore, when you need or want to use any amenity, feel free to ask the hotel staff for specific and accurate information, while avoiding spending extra money. Because not everything is free and each property has a different policy.

Enjoy all the complimentary amenities at a hotel


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