Enjoy a Nordic dinner in Bangkok with Villa Frantzén

Như Lê
08:00:02 - June 17, 2022

Villa Frantzén, the newest restaurant of three-Michelin-starred chef Bjorn Frantzén, opened in Bangkok. This place immediately attracted the attention of food lovers in Bangkok, Thailand.

Pursuing a fine dining style, Villa Frantzén offers a luxurious space and a high-class dining experience. The restaurant has taken over the space of a two-story shophouse on Soi Yen Akat and turned it into a Nordic-style villa. This place also has a green area with a small garden.

Stepping inside, diners are greeted by a large open kitchen full of staff who are working their wonders. This is considered to be the largest kitchen found in Bangkok’s high-end food court. For diners looking for privacy, three private dining rooms upstairs with balcony views are quite a good suggestion.

The dishes at Villa Frantzen are handled by chef Martin Enstrom. Martin’s 5-course tasting menu showcases modern Nordic cuisine with typical Asian flavors. Each menu includes three options, allowing customers to experience dining according to their preferences, including vegetarian options.

Photo: Coconuts Bangkok

First and foremost is Oyster 63.4C, Frantzén’s signature boiled oyster with spicy pumpkin and sea buckthorn oil with a nutty flavor that goes well with the smoked cream sauce. Meanwhile, the Cabbage Consommé & Hearts of Palms has a typical Japanese flavor with myoga ginger and green onions.

In particular, next to the restaurant area is another villa area that Frantzén has dedicated to cocktails. The space brings familiarity and does not require customers to book in advance. Drinks here are inspired by Nordic cuisine with Asian ingredients.

Photo: Coconuts Bangkok

For example, Chlorophyll Highball is a blend of dried gin, mezcal blanco, sea buckthorn juice and pear shrub. Besides, Berries and Cream makes you hooked with the taste of berries, verjus (a low-sugar grape often used in winemaking) topped with cream cheese and egg white – an ideal dessert for sweet tooth.

Villa Frantzén is located at Soi Yen Akat 3 (Bangkok), open from 5:30pm to 10pm daily.

Enjoy a Nordic dinner in Bangkok with Villa Frantzén


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