Emirates reopens its famous onboard bar with COVID-19 protocol in place

Destination Editor
10:00:31 - October 23, 2020

As the famous onboard bar from Emirates is reopened, passengers will be able to bring their pre-packaged snacks to their seats.

Famous for its quality of flight service, Emirates has reopened some of its signature onboard amenities, such as a bar and a shower spa at 40,000 feet, and its onboard lounge. However, these facilities will come with changes to make the passenger experience safer amid COVID-19.

Emirates airline announced this week it would reopen the A380 onboard bar for passengers in first class and business class but would switch the counter services into a take-away experience with limited seating. The bar will serve spirits, wine and soft drinks, as well as pre-packaged snacks for passengers to conveniently bring back to their seats.

Emirates has also reopened the common areas on its Boeing 777 to serve snacks to passengers in first class and business class. Passengers are able to browse its menus both online and offline using the Emirates app, which ensures them not have to touch many things on the plane.

In addition, the luxury airline has reopened the first-class Shower Spa on its A380 aircraft for guests to use but will distribute individual amenity bags, including products from VOYA and a disposable bath towel, for each passenger. Previously, Emirates also committed to paying for the passengers’ treatment if they are exposed to COVID-19 while traveling.

All passengers on Emirates flights are required to wear face masks and the airline is also supporting this policy by distributing complimentary hygiene kits including face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes.

Emirates is not the only luxury airline to showcasing its signature amenities even as global air travel has been plagued by the pandemic. Singapore Airlines has turned its aircraft into Restaurant A380, which serves fine dining dishes such as lobster thermidor in a creamy cheese sauce. Similarly, Finnair has also begun offering its business-class meals at a local supermarket chain so that Finnish travelers who are stuck at home can still have a dose of wanderlust.


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Emirates reopens its famous onboard bar with COVID-19 protocol in place


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