Destinations for yoga in Vietnam that yogis cannot miss

05:00:29 - August 02, 2022

Wellness tourism is a trend post-pandemic. Among the sports for health, yoga is increasingly popular. So where are the ideal destinations for yogis in Vietnam?

In recent years, people have become increasingly concerned and emphasized the importance of health. That’s why wellness tourism is changing the game. Hotels and resorts strongly invest in facilities for customers to exercise such as gym or yoga.

Combining physical exercises, breathing control and meditation, yoga helps to keep the body supple, healthy, and the mind calmer. That’s the reason why it is becoming attractive to many people. In order to absorb the quintessence of the universe and exercise mind and body, in addition to concentration and patience, yogis also often pay attention to the place of practice. And the peaceful places, surrounded by nature are the most ideal. In Vietnam, there are many suitable destinations to combine leisure tourism with yoga practice.

Yen Tu mountain

Often leading the list of destinations for yoga is Yen Tu mountain in the northeast of Vietnam. Regarded as the home of meditation, the mountain range has lush bamboo forests and a long religious history. The scenery here will easily make you feel peaceful, reduce anxiety and depression. On Yen Tu mountain, you can find a place to meditate or do some basic yoga movements.

If you need accommodation, you can book at Legacy Yen Tu – MGallery, which features many activities in yoga and meditation. Here, visitors also admire ancient architecture from the 13th century, enjoy world-class 5-star service and diverse cuisine.

Some other famous religious places to come to pray and meditate are Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen Monastery, Giai Oan stream, Hoa Yen pagoda, Hue Quang tower,…

Tuyen Lam lake

Located in Dalat, a very popular tourist city of Vietnam, Tuyen Lam lake makes visitors fall in love with its picturesque natural scenery and tranquil space. By the calm lake, visitors will be more interested in practicing yoga, then relax the whole mind and body after exercise, listen to the body as well as regulate the breathing. Visiting Da Lat, travelers seeking inner peace should visit Truc Lam Zen Monastery and explore more about meditation.

The city also has many classic hotels, resorts and villas very suitable for yoga lovers who like relaxation. If seeking for a little stronger experience, you can try activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, waterfall sliding, etc.

Phong Dien district

Phong Dien district is in the north of Thua Thien – Hue, the province with many valuable cultural and historical heritages. Not a prominent tourist destination in Vietnam, but Phong Dien is home to Alba Wellness Valley By Fusion resort with Alba Thanh Tan hot spring and many precious herbs, very good for health. In the wild and majestic scenery, practicing yoga and meditation, then soaking in hot mineral springs or bathing in leaf water are extremely desirable experiences.

Hue is also focusing on wellness tourism a lot. Recently, 600 yoga lovers in Thua Thien – Hue together performed an impressive performance to celebrate International Yoga Day 2022 and Hue Festival week (June 25-30, 2022). Besides, this November, the province’s Department of Tourism will organize Hue Health Tourism Week – Wellness Festival to introduce meditation, yoga, onsen spa, macrobiotics, herbs,…

Ba Be lake

The freshwater lake in Bac Kan has poetic and charming beauty, with cool water, rolling hills and dense trees, as well as the unique national culture. Tourists coming to Ba Be lake can stay at the traditional stilt houses of the Tày people living around. You can practice yoga in nature, and are also warmly welcomed by the locals, taste the traditional dishes of the mountainous people, rowing and fishing, and enjoy the peaceful life.

Cat Ba island

The ideal destination for yoga and summer travel is Cat Ba island, located in the south of Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh. The island is surrounded by green primeval forest. The island, with its beautiful beaches, white sands and tranquil mountains, promises to comfort those who come here to relax and enjoy the view. In addition, they can feel free to do yoga on the beach or in hotels and resorts. Surrounded by gentle nature, in front of the sea, and you find peace in your heart. After the practice, visitors immerse themselves in the cool water and enjoy local dishes, fresh and delicious seafood.

During the time in Cat Ba, you should also take a tour to admire Ha Long Bay, the famous World Natural Heritage, by boat or seaplane.

The above are famous destinations that not only give you luxurious leisure experiences but also offer you the perfect space to practice yoga for physical and mental health. Across Vietnam, there are still many suitable locations for yoga. Just find a place that is quiet enough and surrounded by nature, the excitement to practice yoga and absorb cosmic energy will increase many times. So, in your trips, let’s build more good habits for health like doing yoga!

Destinations for yoga in Vietnam that yogis cannot miss


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