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    In 2014, Danang officially launched the tourism brand identity “Danang FantastiCity!” and thereby orienting all future campaigns and messages of Danang tourism under this.

    The slogan “FantastiCity!“, a combination of the word “Fantastic” and the word “City“, shows the image of a wonderful city. Thanks to the same “C”, these two words are linked into one but there is still a clear separation in phonetics, making it sound like a compound noun in English, which helps it become unique and original.

    “The slogan “FantastiCity!” is chosen because it is easy to understand, easy to feel and hardly mistaken. Along with the exclamation mark at the end, “FantastiCity!” visualizes a joyful and satisfied tourist bursting out when visiting Danang,“ shared Ms. An Nguyen.

    Asked about the values that Danang owns to grow and develop into the image of a “FantastiCity!“, Ms. An Nguyen said: “The values of Danang lie in its freshness and proximity to nature, in its golden beach, in its unique and modern bridges which representing its dynamic development, in its youthful vitality and strong will to rise, and especially in its people’s hospitality and friendliness with smiles always on their faces.”

    Previously, Danang was not considered as a famous city for tourism among other popular destinations in the central area of Vietnam. Instead, it just played the role of a transit between the Old Citadel of Hue and Hoi An Ancient Town. However, up to now, Danang has transformed and risen to become one of the leading touristic destinations in Vietnam.

    In the decade from 2009 to 2018, when the overall revenue growth of the whole tourism industry in Vietnam was by 10.3 times and the growth of the metropolitan Ho Chi Minh City was by 4.2 times, the tourism revenue in Danang has increased by 15 times.

    In this 10 years of soaring, besides factors such as appropriate product investment, support policies from the government, the brand name “Danang FantastiCity!” also contributed significantly to the rapid development of Danang tourism as a whole.

    Danang FantastiCity logo always appears along with the city logo in major events to increase the brand identity of the city tourism.

    “And last but not least, an indispensable contribution to the success of Danang FantastiCity for the past 6 years is the support and companionship from the Tourism Association, Hotel Associations, Tour Operators’ Association and Tour Guide Association, as well as local universities and colleges in tourism or tourism businesses. Thanks to them, Danang FantastiCity can form a strong brand identity within the community,” Ms. An Nguyen said.

    In December 2016, Da Nang was the first place in Vietnam to launch an official travel app to help visitors sketch their own travel schedule. Then in November 2017, Da Nang became one of the first destinations in Southeast Asia to deploy chatbots to enhance interaction with visitors.

    In addition, Danang FantastiCity developed not only its official website but also its social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and most recently Tiktok.

    According to Ms. An Nguyen, aware of the values and opportunities information technology applications could bring, Danang Center for Tourism promotion has decided to invest in technology in communication to help visitors gain more access to information about the city tourism. In general, it is expected to:

    – Create convenience for visitors to improve travel experience;

    – Save time and money for visitors;

    – Unite local tourism businesses together, guiding them promote products in a methodical way;

    – Establish new and suitable channels for management and for effective tourism promotion;

    – Find out visitors’ needs and record their feedbacks to plan a long-term strategy for sustainable tourism.

    As for TikTok, exploiting this new media channel is necessary to keep up with the behavior of the younger generation like Millennials or Gen Zers, who are the most potential customers in the future.

    “We are proud to be the first tourism brand of the country to accompany this social network (TikTok) to implement the #HelloDaNang campaign in 2019, reaching 86,500,000 views in just 2 months (132,300,000 views until now). Within 2 years, Danang FantastiCity official account has up to 42,519 followers,” shared Ms. An Nguyen.

    Danang tourism is not just focusing on implementing in the time of stability and development but also in the time of difficulties and challenges.

    Danang once impressed the whole country as well as international friends when it took only one day to sweep off all the consequences resulted from the 12th storm before the APEC Summit 2017 and revamp the face of the whole city just in time for hosting the event.

    Earlier this year, as soon as the outbreak occurred, all media channels of Da Nang immediately updated the situation of the pandemic from orthordox sources to help both visitors and Danang residents not be confused and anxious, and still catch the gist of the situation then.

    At the same time, besides reminding people to stay healthy and safe during that period, Danang cleverly expressed its optimistic attitude, promising visitors a reunion day in the very near future.

    In addition to updating the pandemic development, the media channels of Danang tourism, typically Danang FantastiCity Facebook page, also regularly published posts with safety measures for each individual, with contact of the Danang Tourist Support Center as well as quickly reported new policies from the government to support bringing visitors to Danang back home, or listed the special hotels and other accommodation facilities allowed to open during the social quarantine with humanistic price to accommodate visitors trapped here.

    The message #staystrongdanang or the campaign ‘I ❤️ Danang because…’ has also become increasingly popular among not only Danang residents but also the people of the whole country.

    The most important thing is the homogeneous optimism from all the media channels of Danang tourism, showing that the authorities and the people here have kept and will always keep strong mentality, bravely facing and surviving this crisis.

    The photos from Danang are updating frequently. Even though with an empty street or a gloomy peopleless beach, Danang still appears as a very simple and purely beautiful city, still earns the title of the most livable city of Vietnam.

    Image: @Son.chan

    Eventually, all the crises will be over, and then Danang can keep maintaining its safe, friendly and hospitable destination image, just like the original vision of Danang tourism.

    Let’s also believe that Danang FantastiCity will soon overcome difficulties and continue flying with its journey in the near future.

    #DestinationStory is a series narrating the stories behind the developing gallops of tourism destinations around the world.

    DESTINATION STORY: Danang – Journey to become a #FantastiCity


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