Da Nang, Hoi An are included in private luxury tour itineraries

Thu Uyên
08:00:11 - August 03, 2022

The US travel company TCS World Travel has just announced a tour schedule around the world by private jet with experiences in wonders across six continents, including Da Nang and Hoi An of Vietnam.

According to TCS World Travel, traveling around the world by private jet will give passengers “extraordinary experiences”. Each such tour lasts for 22 days, covering 8 to 10 destinations, with a maximum capacity of 48 guests. To experience this journey, each visitor will have to pay from 147,000 USD/person, including private jet, accommodation, ground transportation, tour guides, and luxury dining and sightseeing options.

TCS World Travel said that the company provides a total of 9 itineraries spanning the world with private jet. In particular, the golf tour around the world is one of the most expensive tours. Sign up for this tour and you’ll experience some of the top golf courses, including stops in the US, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Oman, Rwanda and Morocco.

The first tour is expected to depart from January 27 next year, taking visitors across from the rugged landscapes of Tasmania in Australia, to the bustling Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur before stopping at the coastal city Da Nang, central Vietnam, that is famous for its long white sandy beaches and iconic bridges.

The second itinerary starting February 17, 2023 allows visitors to explore ancient civilizations in Egypt and unique religious and cultural rituals in Bhutan, India and Nepal before visiting Bangkok and Hoi An.

Da Nang, Hoi An are included in private luxury tour itineraries


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