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The over-100-years journey of growth of Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Brand Story
May 05, 2022
THE BEGINNING In 1919, Conrad Hilton entered the hotel industry with his first hotel in Cisco, Texas. Initially, he...

Qantas and its journey associated with the development history of Australia’s aviation

Brand Story
March 31, 2022
THE BEGINNING In November 1920, World War One veterans Paul McGinness and Hudson Fysh,...

MSC Cruises – the fast growth of the world’s largest privately-owned cruise line

Brand Story
March 10, 2022
THE BEGINNING The history of the MSC dates back to more than 300 years...

The development journey of Marriott – the world’s largest hotel chain

Brand Story
February 17, 2022
THE BEGINNING The story of the foundation and development of Marriott International began with...


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Luxury travelers are spending more, prioritizing experience and sustainability

Data capture
September 27, 2022
Despite huge impacts of the pandemic after 2 years, luxury travel still can emerge. Luxury tourists prioritize experience over...

Asia Pacific hospitality market nearly reaches pre-pandemic levels

Data capture
July 26, 2022
The worldwide hotel market is witnessing an amazingly rapid recovery. Based on data from...

Vietnamese tourists still prefer domestic tourism in the summer 2022

Data capture
June 21, 2022
After the pandemic in the past 2 years, Vietnam’s tourism industry is showing very...

Sustainable accommodations need to engage travelers better

Data capture
May 19, 2022
In recent years, as global awareness of environmental issues is increasing, more and more...


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One-of-a-kind flavors of the famous Ramen

Get to know
December 02, 2022
Japan is well-known for iconic foods and one of them is ramen. Ramen is a great combination between China-styled...

Places to see desert bloom

Get to know
November 22, 2022
Deserts are attached with aridity, very hot air, cracked land or vast sand dunes,...

Ways to prepare your health for a trip

Get to know
November 01, 2022
When you feel sick, normally you will have no interest in anything, even a...

Vietnamese women’s imprints in the tourism industry

Get to know
October 18, 2022
In recent years, Vietnam has been trying to enhance the role of women in...


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What’s so interesting about camping in Antarctica?

Ideas in action
October 25, 2022
In December, while many people are seeking warmth, there’s a company opening camps amid Antarctica with ice and snow...

Emirates continues its sustainable journey with Bustanica farm

Ideas in action
September 13, 2022
Along with the global trend, clean, sustainable and healthy food is increasingly appearing in...

Discover the Original – boosting Swedish tourism through IKEA’s furniture

Ideas in action
September 09, 2022
In the fall of 2021, a small lake in Sweden going by the name...

Let It Out – scream your frustration into Iceland’s natural landscape

Ideas in action
July 01, 2022
Back in July 2020, when the whole world is in the middle of social...


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