Can Gio to open a self-contained tour after September 30

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11:30:43 - September 13, 2021

Can Gio district, Ho Chi Minh city is developing a plan for authorities to consider the reopening of tourism after September 30 when the Covid-19 epidemic is now basically controlled.

Le Minh Dung, secretary of the Can Gio Party Committee, said during the first phase (from September 16 to October 31), in addition to the forms allowed to open on the city’s guidelines, the district also proposed pilot reopening of some activities such as fishing and aquaculture activities of local people, returning of traditional markets, etc.

Besides, Can Gio district will reopen a tour or tourist attraction to help recover the service sector, consider reopening outdoor leisure activities, on-site dining with a small scale (under 20 people), ensuring regulations of social distance based on disease control levels, and recommendations of the healthcare industry. According to Mr. Dung, the district’s requirement is that they must have criteria to control each service they open.

To recover tourism, Mr. Dung said the district had a plan to build a self-contained tour, a closed route; passengers would be only allowed to stay in certain areas. The first pilot tour is expected to open in Can Gio by September 30.

Credit: Can Gio Party Committee.

Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, Nguyen Van Nen, said that the city would invite the frontline forces to join this first tour after months of fighting the epidemic to regenerate their health. According to Mr. Nen, this is an opportunity for Can Gio to share with the community as well as develop the economics, and tourism.

Thanks to its closed terrain, isolated from the city, Can Gio has favorable conditions to soon implement these activities.

Can Gio to open a self-contained tour after September 30


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