Burano island: The Italian rainbow land

05:00:10 - August 23, 2022

Is your life boring and gray? Then let’s plan a trip to the Italian island of Burano, where you can feel free to see the colorful houses. Visiting this famous island, you will get more new precious experiences.

Talking about Italy’s tourism, the most mentioned places are Venice, Rome, Milan or Florence. Of course, these are often in overtourism. However, Only about 7km northeast of bustling Venice is the peaceful scene of Burano, a great escape in Italy. From Venice, tourists can take a speedboat or water bus at many berths to the island. It only takes about 30 minutes to stand on one of the most beautiful islands of the country.

The rainbow town

Burano stands out with brightly colored houses interwoven in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, pink,… Typical Burano houses are square-shaped and divided into two or three floors. There are now just a few hundred houses and about 2,000 residents settled in this small town. Today, the colors of the houses on the island have been codified. A household that wants to repaint their house must comply with some specified colors, and seek permission from the government.

The colorful houses were once considered as the “lights” leading the way for fishermen to return when it was foggy. Legend has it that in the past, the plague appeared in Burano, so the army sprayed cleaning solutions all over the walls of houses with sick people. This made the house ugly and dark. Therefore, after the epidemic passed, people repainted their houses with bright colors to erase the stains as well as celebrate.

The total area of ​​Burano island is quite small, visitors just need a few hours to walk and visit it all. Along the way, you can stop anywhere to take pictures and fill your social media with colors.

The town of lace

Not only the colorful scenery, Burano is also impressed by the traditional craft villages producing lace fabrics. Tourists love the lace products here a lot because of their beauty and elaborateness.

Burano has long been known for its incredible lace-making techniques, which are exported throughout the European market. The most typical event is that in 1481, the genius painter Leonardo da Vinci visited the island town of Lefkara with a long-standing lace craft and bought one to cover the Duomo di Milano. In the 18th century, however, the industry began to decline. In 1872, a school teaching lace fabrics making opened, its heyday returned. Currently, when visiting Burano, travelers can find typical lace shops, but due to the complicated steps and rare materials, the price is also very expensive. Don’t forget to stop by the Lace Museum to see the charming lace fabrics in Burano!

Floating and calm on the water

Burano has no public transport. Small streets are connected by bridges, and the main means of transportation to the surrounding islands is a kind of boat called “vaporetto”. They are usually anchored in front of each house. This can cause a bit of trouble for visitors, especially those who are not familiar with the water area. But once you start to immerse yourself in the culture here, you will probably enjoy floating on the green canals, watching the colorful houses reflected, breathing in the fresh air, inhaling the aroma of cakes, coffee,… in the wind.

In the late afternoon, when the scenery becomes darker, visitors can feel the pleasant atmosphere of Burano more clearly. At this time, let’s sit down to eat, drink and chat with your companions or with locals at canalside restaurants. The atmosphere is quite busy but still relaxing.

There are not many shops on Burano island with only a few streets selling souvenirs and daily necessities. Dotted are cafes and restaurants serving well-known Italian dishes such as spaghetti or pizza.

San Martino Church

A must-visit spot in Burano is nearly-400-year-old San Martino Church, the sanctuary of the relics of Saint Barbara, located in the central square of the island. It is considered as one of Burano’s symbols as you can see it wherever you are on the island. On the top of the tower was formerly a bronze angel statue but was destroyed after a storm in 1867 and was now replaced by a cross.

The church’s architecture in Latin style includes a main chapel and two side chapels. The interior features precious paintings dating from the 16th century. The most prominent thing is the 53m high bell tower built from 1507 to 1513.

If you have a chance to admire the splendid Venice, you should spend one more day exploring Burano island just 7km from Venice. Despite being small, this land promises to strongly impress visitors thanks to the houses with brilliant colors, charming scenery, peaceful space and other very own traditions, especially lace. Summer is about to end, why not make it more colorful than ever by a trip to Burano?!

Burano island: The Italian rainbow land


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