Booking unveils 7 predictions about travel trends in 2023

Đặng Mỹ Miều
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08:00:16 - November 30, 2022

According to, the travel trend of global travelers is shifting from uncertainty to proactive adaptation. The platform has just released 7  predictions about tourism trends for 2023. commissioned specialized research with more than 24,000 travelers across 32 countries and territories. Based on this research, the tourism trends of 2023 are published. In 2023, travelers will love more creative travel to adapt to the times.

1. Preppers in Paradise

Tourism keywords such as “camouflage cabin”, “campfire cuisine” and “compasses” about trips “going off-grid” will become popular in 2023. Due to the uncertainties of natural disasters, politics, and pandemics, many people have lost faith in modern lives. 44% of travelers expect to return to a simpler life and seek vacations that disconnect from reality and experience minimalism.

Nearly three-quarters of visitors want to make use of travel to learn survival skills, including finding clean water, building a fire, foraging in the wild, and preparing for the apocalypse.

They want to see green spaces to serve city dwellers who are exhausted in search of simplicity and places to guide them in survival. However, “off-grid” does not mean making the trip difficult but giving up luxuries.

2. Virtual Voyagers

Nearly half of global travelers report they will turn to virtual reality by 2023 for inspiration for their holiday options.

In 2023, travel will officially enter the 3D space of Metaverse. Travelers wish to experience virtual reality travel because Metaverse not only offers “try before you buy” but also educates, entertains, and inspires people, opening the door to endless adventure.

While Metaverse provides a new way to experience travel next year, it can’t stop people from booking tickets to their next destination, as nearly 60% of travelers believe virtual experiences are not satisfying enough.

3. Delight in the Discomfort Zone

Half of the global travelers want to experience culture shock in 2023 – including traveling somewhere with a completely different culture and language or exploring lesser-known cities around the world has hidden beauty.

Moreover, visitors will find unique vacations that shock, surprise, and delight. Most tourists want to experience ‘out of their comfort zone’ and push their limits. At the same time, a variety of new experiences are expected as hunting for exotic dishes like the hottest chili in the world and going to mysterious extraterrestrial lands on UFO or alien spotting tours.

4. Glamorizing the Good Old Days

Amid global uncertainty and a desire for escapism, travelers tend to seek travel experiences harking back to simpler times, with nostalgic stays that provide the thrill of reminiscing glory days top the wish list in 2023.

Travelers desire to get away from pre-digital romanticism to evoke emotional memories of the gone-by days. Visiting landmarks or prominent attractions in iconic classic movies or choosing the bus as your primary means of transportation to live up to the team spirit of school trips are typical activities.

In particular, tourism at places associated with childhood with family contributes to the 2023 tourism trend.

5. Peace and Pleasure Pilgrimages

The trips of 2023 will focus on the health of “body – mind – soul” and take this experience to the next level.

The trend of searching for accommodations that help balance the mind, meditation, and mindfulness will be more popular than ever. Many travelers seek peace in a tranquil destination, helping them focus on mental health or help with moments in life.

In addition, romantic trips to heat up the love for the couple will be more mainstream in 2023.

6. From Daily Grind to Great Company Escape

In 2023, business trips will appear more. Different from the COVID-19 period, people look forward to connecting with colleagues in the real world and outside the office. That reflects an increasing demand for business travel combined with relaxation and tourism.

In addition, they want to see their leaders use the money saved from switching to work online for company trips or vacations. They believe that discovering new places will inspire and make them more productive.

7. Saving to Splurge

In the setting of economic uncertainty, travelers will still prioritize tourism but will be more mindful of allocating their travel budget and have clear priorities. Travelers still put vacations first.

However, they will plan to manage their spending more closely when taking advantage of offers, cheaper booking tricks, timing, interest in discounts, and membership programs. More than half of travelers choose to travel in the low season or plan to win better deals.

In addition, nearly half of travelers admitted that they plan to spend more comfortably while on vacation to make up for less travel in the past few years.

Booking unveils 7 predictions about travel trends in 2023


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