rolls out cleanliness requirements for rental listings

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04:00:57 - November 27, 2020 requires alternative accommodation partners that want to list properties on its site and app to commit to a minimal cleanliness score according to guidelines it has issued.

It’s the first time the online travel agency has required suppliers of travel inventory to conform to cleanliness guidelines of its own devising. Hotels are exempt. The guidelines apply to vacation homes, short-term rentals, and similar properties. has decreed that short term or holiday rentals will have to meet a minimum cleanliness standard by May 4, 2021.

“We’re asking partners to commit to a Minimal Cleanliness Score of 6 out of 10. A property that’s doesn’t meet these cleanliness standards will be notified and put on a warning list. During the six-month probation period, we’ll be monitoring guest feedback for clear proof of cleanliness improvements. Once your new cleanliness score reaches an average of 6, we’ll remove your property from the warning list. If it doesn’t improve to at least 6, we’ll remove your property from our platform.”

The online travel giant has partnered with quality assurance platform Properly to create a more than 20-cleaning-checklists, available in 30 languages, which provide guides. is also giving partners who take part discounted access to the Properly mobile app, which could help make it easier to improve their cleanliness score.

“Through this program, we will support alternative accommodation properties with cleanliness scores of less than 6 – which account for less than a percentage point in the number of properties on – as they commit and work to improve their score over the next six months by delivering detailed resources and guidance to them,” said Eric Bergaglia, who leads’s homes and apartments business globally.

Bergaglia said: “With the use of the words ‘clean’ and ‘hygiene’ increasing by more than 60 percent on our platform since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the introduction of our Minimal Cleanliness Score Commitment reflects our continued commitment to ensuring traveler peace of mind and a new approach to quality assurance on our platform.”


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