Black Tomato “fuels” future generations through travel

05:00:49 - January 04, 2022

After the tourism industry begins to recover, travel companies and destinations need to innovate their products to be as creative and engaging as possible. Nowadays, customer experience is the top important factor in every industry, especially tourism. The luxury travel company Black Tomato is one of the prime examples of often coming up with interesting new ideas. The most recent is the series of educational journeys “Field Trip”.

During the pandemic, schools were temporarily closed and students had to study remotely. Therefore, as soon as tourism returned, Black Tomato quickly launched the idea of “​Field Trip” mainly aimed at young people aged 12 and over. The program is designed to enrich classroom-based education through real-world experiences. This vivid knowledge will often be easier to remember, and simultaneously stay in the minds of students longer than the theories in books. Black Tomato called Field Trip the idea designed to “fuel future generations through travel”.

Travel broadens the mind

Diverse fields

Field Trip focuses on developing purpose driven passion through educative experiential programming, including areas supporting positive social impact, such as sustainability, as well as interest in history and the arts.

Field Trip offers eight educational experiences covering eight different disciplines including Sustainability; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; Social Studies; Religious Studies; History; Arts; Language and Culture; and Earth Sciences.

Photo credit: Black Tomato.

Freedom and flexibility

Unlike traditional educational trips that last for a couple of weeks, Field Trips are shorter itineraries, which can be incorporated into other existing or newly created itineraries.

Fully bespoke and scalable, these educational experiences can be flexibly adjusted based on each client’s wishes, ranging from half day to multi-day programming.

Customers and their children will have a chance to explore their favorite subjects in more depth, or discover newly introduced disciplines. Black Tomato wants customers to have access to careers they may be curious about or might not even have considered before.

Lively lessons from real life

With Field Trip, visitors will have the opportunity to visit and learn at famous destinations, meet interesting people and share knowledge with them. Guests from 14 years old interested in sustainability will visit Copenhagen, Denmark. Soren Wiuff, one of Denmark’s most forward-thinking farmers and suppliers for top Michelin restaurants such as Noma, will teach students his chemical-free philosophy of modern farming, concepts surrounding sustainability and food waste. Besides, Soren Wiuff will take guests exploring through fields, harvesting fruit and vegetables along the way, and cooking by his recipes.

Visitors over 14 years old can also visit Jaipur, India to learn about the diverse faiths, customs and communities here. They will explore Jaipur’s most storied sacred sites, observing historic Hindu religious customs in the temples, and even learn the basics and cultural significance of palm reading.

If interested in the history and mysteries of ancient Egypt, visitors from 16 years old should visit Cairo and the legendary necropolis Saqqara, Egypt’s “city of the dead”, the sacred burial place of many pharaohs and queens. The visit will be led by archeologists working on site, giving tourists to explore the secrets of this vast UNESCO World Heritage Site, learning first-hand about the science and techniques of excavation.

Earth Sciences for ages 16+ also promises to be an interesting field for Black Tomato guests as well. They will join legendary naturalist and researcher Adrian Shine, who organized Operation Deepscan – a sonar sweep of Loch Ness aiming to resolve the folklore of the mysterious underwater monster in 1987. On a private boat cruise, everyone will together probe beneath the surface and grasp the methods and methodologies in modern research that help untangle its mysteries.

Art is one of the most popular fields around the world. In Havana, Cuba, customers of Black Tomato will experience actual filmmaking at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV (EICTV or International Film and TV School), Cuba’s foremost institute for the cinematic arts. Students will try sitting in the director’s chair.

Younger tourists (from 12 years old) can access the field of science, technology, engineering and math in Geneva, Switzerland, and social studies in Israel. In detail, future physicists and engineers will have access to the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), which houses the biggest and most powerful particle accelerator in the world. Whereas, future social scientists, anthropologists and activists will meet with Doris, an Arab Israeli woman and female business owner who has helped transform her native Ajami neighborhood, witnessing it change and flourish through decades of turmoil and rebirth.

The last field for all ages participating in Field Trip is language and culture. Visiting Los Llanos, guests will learn about the traditional Llanero way of life that has been persistently preserved across five tumultuous centuries. They will experience from taming horses with traditional melodies and caring for cattle, to joining in to create joyful joropo music played on the harp and cuatro guitar.


With the goal of incubating young generations as well as bringing a source of “raw” knowledge to customers, Black Tomato has tried to diversify the fields of education and allows clients to flexibly choose the time and subjects they like. In addition, attractive activities in each field can immediately conquer the curiosity and excitement of those who love to explore and learn. Although it is only in the first stage of operation, it can be seen that with the dedication of investment and careful planning for each experience, this travel program will have a lot of potential for development in the future.

Black Tomato “fuels” future generations through travel


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