Bamboo Airways to resume commercial flights to Asian cities

Destination Editor
10:30:02 - September 15, 2021

From November this year, Bamboo Airways will reopen international commercial flights connecting Hanoi with three cities including Tokyo, Taipei and Seoul.

In detail, flights from Hanoi to Tokyo (Japan) are scheduled to take off every Tuesday starting November 2. Hanoi to Taipei (Taiwan) flights will depart every Wednesday starting November 3 whereas flights from Hanoi to Seoul (South Korea) are planned to depart every Friday from November 5. The operating frequency may be adjusted depending on the market demands as well as the requirements of the authorities.

On return trips, Bamboo Airways will only transport Vietnamese repatriates or foreign experts with permission to enter the S-shaped country. Currently, Vietnam is yet to open its doors to international tourists.

A representative of the carrier said resumption of these international routes are meant to meet growing travel demand among Vietnamese citizens wishing to study and work abroad as well as stranded foreigners longing to return home.

In addition, Bamboo Airways will implement the pilot application IATA Travel Pass of the International Air Transport Association in the international flight routes.

Last July, Vietnam Airlines reopened international commercial flights connecting Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with Australia along with other Asian and European destinations, as well as successfully testing the IATA Travel Pass app.

Bamboo Airways to resume commercial flights to Asian cities


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