Asia Food & Beverage Summit discussed new trends

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10:30:28 - November 13, 2021

At the virtual Asia Food & Beverage Summit 2021 on November 10 and 11, experts talked about the upcoming popular trends in the food & beverage sector.

ASIA Food & Beverage Summit (AFBS) is the summit initiated and organized by the Restaurant Association Vietnam (RAV), under the direction of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and strategic partners such as the World Food Travel Association (WFTA). AFBS’ mission is orientating and promoting the development of the entire F&B industry, and simultaneously contributes to helping Vietnam become the “kitchen” of the world.

This can be seen as the leading F&B summit with 30 experts and more than 700 businesses taking part in. The summit’s goal is to orient and provide tools to help culinary businesses and restaurants seize opportunities, overcome challenges, boost competitiveness and move towards sustainable development. New F&B trends were also discussed here.

Photo credit: ASIA Food & Beverage Summit.

The first trend to be mentioned is “cloud kitchen” applied by culinary businesses and restaurants when they have to temporarily stop on-site services due to Covid-19 epidemic. With the cloud kitchen model, restaurants only sell dishes through delivery channels or serve at the requested location.

One of the trends recently applied by F&B businesses is lean management. Lean management focuses on optimizing management and operating methods by eliminating waste, continuously improving to reduce costs, and maximize value. In addition, businesses move forward sustainable development, and trust and respect employees.

The change in consumer habits is also contributing to a new trend of healthy and natural source foods. Many F&B brands have begun serving vegan or organic farm-sourced menus.

The trend of shopping on e-commerce platforms and multi-channel distribution (website, restaurant apps or food delivery apps) becomes clearer. Online payment on mobile devices is extremely convenient and ensures safety for customers during the complicated epidemic.

Asia Food & Beverage Summit discussed new trends


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