ANA Holdings launches interactive virtual platform ANA NEO

Destination Editor
05:00:26 - June 06, 2021

ANA Holdings partners with JP Games to launch ANA NEO, an interactive virtual platform helping audiences worldwide enjoy travel and online shopping.

A key aspect of ANA NEO is the SKY WHALE Travel Platform which allows users to travel and access interactive activities and other environments within ANA Neo. The service is expected to roll out in 2022.

ANA Holdings introduces the SKY WHALE as “a digital vessel that transcends time and space and provides transportation within the world ANA NEO offers”. ANA NEO provides users a wide range of customization options via three distinct areas.

The Sky Park is an immersive environment using advanced 3D graphics, allowing users to explore on their own or with friends. They also can book a real travel plan that matches the virtual experiences.

The Sky Mall is a virtual shopping space inspired by airport shopping and entertainment areas. The Sky Village consists of medical care, education, and government services in a virtual environment, making it the model for a virtual smart city.

Users can make real-world purchases for items in the digital world by logging in to SKY WHALE on their smartphones.

Mitsuo Tomita, President and CEO of ANA NEO said: “ANA NEO will open up the joy of travel to a much broader audience and provide users with an unrivaled experience. Complete with realistic recreations of famous tourist sites and unprecedented shopping options, ANA NEO will help people explore the world from the comfort and convenience of a connected smart device. As the first global airline to launch this type of platform, we are excited to open up new possibilities and new experiences for people.”

Hajime Tabata, Chief Producer of ANA NEO and Chief Executive Officer of JP GAMES said: “Much like travel, virtual platforms are an excellent way to connect with people and experience new things. ANA NEO is a bold new reimagining of a virtual platform, leveraging the latest breakthroughs to create an immersive digital world that captures the wonder of travel and lets families and friends tour them together.”

ANA Holdings launches interactive virtual platform ANA NEO


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