American magazine lists 29 must-try Vietnamese dishes

Thu Uyên
10:30:18 - August 04, 2022

The famous American magazine Vogue recently suggested to tourists 29 delicious dishes that must be tried when visiting Vietnam, with praises for the quintessential and attractive Vietnamese cuisine.

According to Vogue, when thinking about Vietnamese dishes, people immediately think of a complex mix of flavors and ingredients. Vietnamese cuisine is a harmonious and balanced combination between each ingredient and the richness and diversity of each region. Although pho and banh mi are typical images when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, there are actually many other dishes that are equally interesting and unique.

Among the 29 Vietnamese dishes named, including bun rieu, bun bo Hue and bun cha – familiar dishes that are known by many people, the magazine also introduces readers to banh xeo and banh khot. Basically, these two crepes are almost the same, using the same dough but different in shape. While banh xeo is a savory cake made with rice flour and a bit of turmeric, with ground pork, shrimp and bean sprouts inside, banh khot has a small round shape, resembling a mini pancake, with extra filling shrimp in the middle, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

In addition, another typical Vietnamese dish mentioned in the article is com Tam, served with grilled pork, thinly shredded pork skin, omelet, fried spring rolls and side dishes such as fresh and pickled vegetables.

Unexpectedly in the top 29 dishes must be mentioned “rau muong xao toi” – water spinach, a popular vegetable in Vietnam. Vogue shared that the most delicious way to cook is to stir-fry with garlic, maybe add a little water and sugar. Although the processing may be simple, it delivers results beyond expectations.

Rounding off the list of the top 29 Vietnamese dishes are goi cuon, fried spring rolls, thit kho to, cao lau (a Hoi An noodle specialty), banh cuon (rice noodle rolls), Bo luc lac (a type of beef), and Bun thit nuong (grilled marinated pork),… This is in addition to goi xoai (mango salad), canh chua (sweet and sour soup), Hen xuc banh trang (stir-fried baby clams), Chao (a type of porridge), Hu tieu, xoi (sticky rice), Lau (hot pot), and Mi Quang (a kind of noodle in Quang Nam).

American magazine lists 29 must-try Vietnamese dishes


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