AirAsia starts fund raising campaign to support post-flood rebuilding

Destination Editor
10:30:39 - January 04, 2022

AirAsia Foundation has initiated its Malaysia Flood Relief fund raising campaign in response to urgent calls for aid to support the rebuilding needs of communities impacted by the recent floods across several Malaysian states.

Everybody can donate directly through donation boxes available onboard all AirAsia flights, and online via the BigPay app. Donations via BigPay are currently available only to Android phone users. All donations will be used for repairing and rebuilding homes as well as community infrastructure damaged by severe flooding that affected eight states and displaced tens of thousands of people.

Yap Mun Ching, AirAsia Foundation Executive Director, said: “One of the Foundation’s priorities is to help communities rebuild better after a disaster. Thus, with the support of our guests, we hope to be able to play a constructive role as the situation transitions from one of emergency relief to recovery.”

Salim Dhanani, CEO and Co-founder of BigPay, said: “Through this partnership, we aim to make it safe and convenient for our users to contribute funds to aid in the recovery of affected Malaysians.”

AirAsia Foundation has an extensive record of supporting organizations that provide relief to communities in crises such as typhoon Haiyan in 2013, Malaysian floods in 2014, Nepal earthquake (2015) or Palu tsunami (2018). In 2019, AirAsia Foundation and BigPay jointly raised funds to provide food and medical aid to communities impacted by the Covid-19 epidemic.

AirAsia starts fund raising campaign to support post-flood rebuilding


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