AirAsia collaborates with GrayMatter to create the Scan2Fly technology

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09:45:31 - November 25, 2020

AirAsia is well-known for its application of technology to its aviation operation to provide passengers with a modern flight experience. After a series of touchless measures and technologies, this Malaysian airline continues to deploy an AI-based technology named Scan2Fly to assist its customers to spend less time preparing for the immigration process.

With the global aviation industry competing to come up with ways to adapt to new travel requirements, AirAsia has implemented an AI-based feature called Scan2Fly to help passengers determine their eligibility and upload the necessary documents before departure.

This new Scan2Fly feature, created by AirAsia after partnering with GrayMatter, gives passengers access to the information system to view documents that need to be prepared for the destination they have just booked the flight to, such as a negative COVID-19 test result.

“Innovation has always been in our DNA. Our digital transformation continues to gain momentum as we work hard to make travel in this new world more secure, hygienic, contactless and seamless than ever before by improving our digital capabilities which reduce costs and further enhance the customer journey,” said Javed Malik, COO of AirAsia Group.

When passengers self check in on AirAsia’s website or via mobile app, they will be able to upload the required documents to Scan2Fly. Scan2Fly will then use AI software to analyze the document whithin seconds and decide if they are valid based on factors such as the date and type of the test, or whether the test was done by an accredited clinic or hospital or not.

For passengers who cannot upload their documents or the documents are rejected, they will be sent instructions to go to the airline counter on the day of departure for manual validation.

According to AirAsia, the airline is piloting this technology on some of its flights with routes from Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur airport to and from Singapore and Surabaya. The airline is also expected to launch this new technology soon in Jakarta.

Earlier, in October, AirAsia announced its partnership with Vision-Box, a Portugal-based company that specializes in biometrics and digital identity solutions to develop automated baggage drop services, temperature check technology and biometric facial recognition system.

“As we pivot into a one-stop travel and lifestyle platform, there are many more innovations in the pipeline, which we will announce in due course,” added Javed Malik.


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    AirAsia collaborates with GrayMatter to create the Scan2Fly technology


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