Air New Zealand piloting new in-flight services

Destination Editor
04:02:35 - June 09, 2021

Realizing that in-flight services can help boost passenger numbers on domestic flights, Air New Zealand has decided to test a range of new options on its flight route during the upcoming four-week pilot.

According to a post by Ms. Leeanne Langridge, General Customer Manager, Air New Zealand, the airline is planning to improve its services throughout the passenger’s experience journey, from before to during the flight.

The decision of piloting new in-flight service options on Air New Zealand’s domestic flights can result from the April report for traffic data the airline has just released. According to the airline’s statistics, the number of passengers in April 2021 has increased significantly compared to the same period last year thanks to the enhanced concentration on services on its domestic flights.

The pilot starts with changes and updated options of food and beverage that Air New Zealand’s flight attendants serve the passengers within the next four weeks. It will also put the labels of each item on the in-flight food and beverage trolley, as well as a list of alternative snacks.

General Customer Manager Leeanne Langridge also said that Air New Zealand will continue to update new initiatives as they pilot these changes. “We’ll be co-designing our customer experience with our customers – trusting them to know whether the changes will work for them. And because we’re trialing an idea rather than a finished product, they’ll be inputting into the end result,” explained Leeanne Langridge.

Air New Zealand’s testing process will be based on three basic principles of to try, to test and to explore. The airline intends to collect customer feedback immediately after each domestic flight in which the new in-flight service options are introduced by using the age old thumbs up, thumbs dơn approach on board.

Air New Zealand piloting new in-flight services


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