Accor and its beyond the boundaries vision

05:30:37 - October 07, 2021


Noticed the success of American lodging properties in the 1960s, two friends Paul Dubrule and Gérard Pélisson decided to bring this hotel business model to France, even though at that time, nobody in France believed in the success of this idea. In 1967, the first Novotel opened, starting the dream of hospitality of the two founders.

With their boldness, relentless creativity, and pushing out the boundaries, Paul Dubrule and Gérard Pélisson laid the first bricks and built one of the world’s leading hotel operator brands – Accor.

With the innovative spirit of the two founders, the group has continuously conquered the market and developed a network of more than 5,100 hotels belonging to 40 hotel brands in 110 countries around the world, with more than 260,000 employees are bringing leading hotel services of Accor to customers.

Hotel Network

Hotel Portfolio


With the philosophy that “the art of hospitality knows no bounds” and has the power to spark inspired experiences everywhere, Accor promises to shape a future where hospitality unlocks a life lived limitless, where power brands deliver exceptional experiences and value, and talent and passion deliver a welcoming human touch. Accor is also constantly pushing the boundaries with innovation and commits to giving back to the planet and the communities.

Elevating live brands

Through a journey of more than 50 years of development, Accor has built a diverse brand portfolio from luxury to economy. The group provides hospitality savoir-faire and unique and meaningful experiences to customers.

Not only providing accommodation services, the group also offers F&B, nightlife, wellbeing and coworking brands.

Maximising performance

Accor accelerates hotel network expansion with both organic growth and acquisitions.

In addition to focusing on reinforcing its position in the markets where it is leader (Europe, America and Asia-Pacific), the group is also focusing on emerging markets, especially the Middle East. , Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Leadership with heart

Through coaching, training, and mentoring programs, Accor’s aim in human resource development is to create favorable conditions for employees to be independent and continuously learn, thereby constantly improving their skills and quickly adapt to changes.

Innovations ahead of the curve

The group promotes constant innovation with “openness” as its mantra — open to new practices, technologies and opportunities. With the ambition to create the hospitality of tomorrow, open-innovation is Accor’s way to create value and stimulate creativity.

Meaningful hospitality

Accor is fully committed to limiting the negative impacts of their activity and creating tangible benefits for their employees, guests, suppliers, partners and host communities. They are launching 2 significant program called Planet 21 – Acting Here and Accor Solidarity to support the community and act for “positive hospitality”.

Augmented Hospitality

Augmented hospitality means anticipating a customer’s every need. Not just about planning for tomorrow, it is about designing tomorrow.


Reflects its vision for hotels as places that provide more than a room to stay and a bed to sleep: that cater to local communities’ daily wants and needs, too.


Brands cater to growing demand for coworking services.


Restaurants and bars in its hotels and brands that offer a variety of entertainment opportunities such as Potel & Chabot, Paris Society.


Other brands that are helping the group’s hotel owners and partners to boost their performance and capacity.

Open Innovation

An open approach – being open to new practices, new generations, new professions, and new businesses

  • A corporate culture that fosters internal innovation.
  • Innovative partnerships with start-ups, schools, SMEs, etc.
  • The acquisition and management of new brands to enter new business markets.
  • Events driving innovation.
  • The creation of new brands and concepts to answer our clients’ unmet needs.
Accor and its beyond the boundaries vision


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