A Vietnamese travel agency sells ‘vaccination’ tours to the US

Destination Editor
05:00:24 - May 22, 2021

To improvise with the pandemic, a travel agency in Vietnam has launched a ‘vaccination’ tour to the US with nearly 45 million VND for the way from Vietnam.

Hong Ngoc Ha Travel travel company has just launched a US tour combined with vaccination for Vietnamese tourists called VAC-cation.

Vaccination tour is in the type of Free & Easy, with a price of nearly 45 million VND for the way from Vietnam to the US, including airfare to the US, 3-star or above hotel room, Covid-19 test cost pre-departure, visa fees, travel insurance and guides support registration, procedures for vaccination in the US.

However, the tour’s return costs more than 120 million VND, and travelers returning to Vietnam must comply with 21-day concentrated isolation and 7 days of monitoring at home.

Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine only requires one shot, but travelers must get a second shot 20 days after the first with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

According to Lao Dong press, leaders of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism said that travel companies when organizing this tour must ensure the obligations and benefits of customers, and contracts with customers must be specific and clear with full responsibilities to avoid future lawsuits.

Previously, some travel companies in Thailand have also launched vaccination tours to the US in response to the current pandemic situation.

A Vietnamese travel agency sells ‘vaccination’ tours to the US


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